Rainforest Ecosystem

Rainforest Ecosystem

The Lobo Rainforest Building at Innovate ABQ includes:

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS)
This new office will support and expand GA-EMS business and technology development activities in the region and will provide GA-EMS with a more direct link to a growing community of contractors, entrepreneurs, and laboratories located in the Albuquerque area, including the Air Force Research Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Nusenda Credit Union
Nusenda has a branch at this location with kiosks that allow one to electronically connect to live tellers for a variety of member services.

Press Room Cafe
The Press Room grew out of an affinity for local coffee and culture. Built from the ground up, they wanted to be more than just another coffee shop; they wanted to create a space for not only sharing quality coffee but one that also focuses on the social aspect of coffee-shop culture.

Sandia National Laboratories
Sandia’s downtown Center for Collaboration & Commercialization (C3) is designed to strengthen partnerships, technology transfer and ties to the community, and offers services to boost Sandia’s interaction with industry, academia and government.

UNM Rainforest Innovations
As the technology-transfer and economic-development organization for the University of New Mexico (UNM) (previously known as STC.UNM), UNM Rainforest Innovations, protects and commercializes technologies developed at UNM by filing patents and copyrights and transferring them to the marketplace. We connect the business community (companies, entrepreneurs and investors) to these UNM technologies for licensing opportunities and the creation of start-up companies. UNM Rainforest Innovations’s vision is to play a vital role in New Mexico’s economic development and to be a leader in technology commercialization. Under the leadership of CEO Lisa Kuuttila, UNM Rainforest Innovations is substantially growing its program using the Rainforest model to develop an innovation economy in New Mexico.

UNM Rainforest Innovations Joseph L. Cecchi Venture Lab
The CVL incubator is a program providing shared office facilities, business services, mentoring, advice, and centralized location. The CVL continually communicates with existing incubators to find appropriate enterprises to work with these facilities. The incubator is an ideal complement to the existing functions and relationships of the CVL and UNM Rainforest Innovations.

UNM Student Housing
Floors two through six provide 310 beds for students with a passion for creating something new- whether it’s high tech, no tech, or a creative idea. Open to all Innovation Academy students, current UNM residents and UNM upper-classmen. The 2 bedroom/2 bath student apartments are 604 square feet and include kitchen, living, and dining room spaces. All bedrooms are single occupancy. Learn more about the urban, modern & collaborative student apartment, with a think-tank, entrepreneurial, innovation driven twist at rainforest.unm.edu.

UNM Innovation Academy
The innovationAcademy is designed to allow students to pursue their interests in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Here they build their enterprise while completing their degree program with world-class support from a research university truly interested in their success.