Tribal Entrepreneurship

The New Mexico Tribal Entrepreneurship Enhancement Program is funded by an Economic Development Administration (EDA) American Rescue Plan Economic Adjustment Assistance grant. The program builds off of the NM Rainforest EDA University Center Program to expand entrepreneurial training in rural New Mexico, focusing in on Tribal and coal impacted communities throughout the state. The program aims to:

  • Create broader opportunity, wealth and job growth through enhancing entrepreneurship in tribal communities throughout New Mexico, especially those effected by coal mine closures.
  • Determine needs and reduce barriers to entrepreneurship within tribal communities.
  • Provide entrepreneurial training built off of the NM Rainforest EDA University Center, filling gaps/ needs identified by the work done by Tribal Liaisons and linking the resources available in urban areas to entrepreneurs in the rural parts of the state with a focus on the tribal communities and those effected by coal mine closures.
  • Tell the story of the “Entrepreneur’s Journey” through videos and podcasts featuring successful Native American entrepreneurs from New Mexico.
  • Spearhead “Entrepreneurial Connection” events to highlight entrepreneurs from tribal communities and showcase their companies, feature role models, and to allow for networking and connections.

If you are interested in connecting with and learning more about the Program contact Cecilia Pacheco at

Tribal Liaisons

A key component of the Tribal Entrepreneurship Enhancement Program are our Tribal Liaisons. Learn more about our Tribal Liaison team here!"

Entrepreneur's Journey

Hear from tribal liaisons and other Native American Entrepreneurs from New Mexico on various topics, inspiration and lessons learned regarding their personal journeys as entrepreneurs.


Check for Tribal Entrepreneurship events on the Lobo Rainforest Events page!