Tribal Liaisons

The tribal liaisons serve as navigators, dedicated mentors, and connection points for entrepreneurs within tribal communities across the state. They support entrepreneurs by identifying barriers and seeking solutions through resources within the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. They conduct assessments, support the development of strategic efforts for entrepreneurial training, and work with community partners to facilitate the reimagining of entrepreneurship in tribes based on their indigenous roots.

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Mytegia Lee


Executive Director
Southwest Native Assets Coalition

Zachariah Ben

Zachariah Ben Resized

Bidii Baby Foods LLC

Scott Tafoya

Tafoya, Scott Resized

Truth Dancer Coaching

Angelo McHorse

Bison Star Headshot Resized

Bison Star Naturals

Jaquelene McHorse

Bison Star Headshot (2)

Bison Star Naturals

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